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Wall of Shame

Parties featured on this page have contravened acceptable ethical practice in that they have either:

  • Infringed Ronin™ (SA)'s copyrights by imitation of it's Business Model, Standards, Marketing Materials or Curriculum
  • Infringed Ronin™ (SA)'s trademarks in the United Kingdom, European Union or South Africa
  • Falsely claimed to be a Ronin (SA) Graduate
  • Falsely claimed to be a current / past Ronin (SA) Employee

We find their behavior unacceptable and to defend our good name feature their particulars as well as particulars of their contravention of good ethical standards below.

Employers are encouraged to check their human resource databases or client / contractor lists for the presence of these individuals or entities and deal with them accordingly.

 Name /  Organisation




 Torcuss The copying of Ronin's Joining Instructions, Accreditations as well  as Application Form thus infringing copyright Torcuss Joining  Instructions  & Application  FormPending Legal Action
 Torcuss /
 Paul Els
 Fraudulent issuing of a Ronin Certificate FPOS CertificatePending Legal Action
 Ronin Concepts  Security Elite Trademark Infringement TrademarkPending Legal Action
 Thomas  Kennedy Impersonating a Graduate Curriculum VitaePending Legal Action
 Petrus  Furstenburg Impersonating a Graduate & faking a FPOS Certificate FPOS CertificatePending Legal Action
 Tyler Ashton-  Johnston Impersonating a Graduate Social Media ProfilePending Legal Action
 Jimmy Gold Impersonating a Graduate Social Media ProfilePending Legal Action
 Jay McDonald Impersonating a Graduate Social Media Profile Pending  Legal Action
 Josh Wright Impersonating a Graduate Social Media ProfilePending Legal Action
 Nikilitha Rala Impersonating a Graduate LinkedIn ProfilePending Legal Action
 James Bradley /
BRAVO4 Protection
 Impersonating a GraduateLinkedIn Profile Apology Received

Legal Notice

The information appearing on this wall of shame has been verified by all possible reasonable steps as being both true and in the public interest to know. We therefore welcome any legal challenge pertaining to the defamation of the individuals/entities featured on this page. The above-mentioned entities or persons will remain on this Wall of Shame indefinitely unless we receive a letter of apology and are convinced that they have stopped their unethical conduct - in which case we will delete them after 12 months.

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