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We spend more on each student’s training than our competitors charge for an entire course...

Entry Considerations

As Ronin SA provides training to specialised units within government we are obliged to maintain strict entry criteria and to conduct due diligence on all of our clients. Our reputation for brand excellence is also derived, to some extent, from these strict entry standards.

Military / Police Background

Many of our graduates have military & police backgrounds, but this is not a requirement to attend our training. Civilians with suitable background checks, an open mind, disciplined work ethic and a good level of fitness do very well.

English Language Proficiency

Because the course is conducted / assessed in English and given that the UK Security regulator requires a certain level of English (Functional Skills Level 1 in English), it is important for you to reflect on whether you have taken other challenging courses in English and passed. If you have, then you should pass our course as many have done before in their second language.

Our instructors are fluent in Afrikaans, German and French and will assist students where possible to cope with the English medium course and assessment.

Criminal Background

Acceptance onto one of our courses all depends on the nature of the criminal activity and your convictions.

We will need a background check from any country you have stayed in for more than two (2) years as an adult (not including military deployments).
Wherever you choose to get your criminal background check from, please ensure that it is dated within 6 months of your course start date and issued by:-

  • A National Law Enforcement Agency in your country/s of residence in the last 10 years
  • National Security Regulatory Authority (Your card is accepted in itself)
We also accept Clearances from:
  • Valid National Police Badge
  • Afiswitch (SA Citizens)
  • Disclosure Scotland (UK Citizens)
  • Intercheck (Australian Citizens)
  • Veritas Check (New Zealand Citizens)

Please ensure you bring your ORIGINAL background check with you and that it:

  • Has a stamp / holographic seal or original ink signature (not a scanned print out) or
  • Has a QR Code / Verification link that allows for independent verification should it be issued electronically


Arrival & Departure

Kindly ensure that you arrive at Cape Town International Airport (South Africa) or Helsingborg Train Station (Sweden) before 16:00 on the Saturday prior to the Course Start (as Registration takes place on Sunday) and depart the accommodations by 09:00 on Saturday after the Course. 
The closest International Airport to Helsingborg is Copenhagen, Denmark

Should you be returning for a Remedial Week, kindly arrive the Saturday preceding the week concerned and leave the Saturday 14 days after. This allows enough time for you to redo the week concerned and, the week thereafter, write your Badge Test as well as the IQ/SIA Online Testing

We will take care of all airport (South Africa) transfers.


Your flights are for your account and arrangement 


Visa requirements depend on what passport you hold. Kindly research this with the requisite Consulate (South Africa / Sweden).


You will require the requisite travel & medical insurance to cater for your needs should you need medical treatment in a hospital or repatriation for any reason.

Cash / Traveller's Cheques

You can draw cash from ATM’s to use for incidentals such as lunches, laundry, gym membership, tipping etc. Around €10/day is more than enough


On weekends, you will have some free time to hire a vehicle / taxi / bus and explore Cape Town. We highly recommend that you do as there are many activities such as the wine route, shark diving, skydiving, scuba diving, hill walking, sightseeing and Cape Town’s lively nightlife!


We recommend you check your immunity levels for the following diseases that you may be exposed to while on ambulance shift:-

  • COVID-19 (mandatory if you would like to attend Ambulance Shifts)
  • Hepatitis B
  • MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella)
  • Chickenpox
  • Tuberculosis

Certification Considerations

Because we are dealing with people’s lives in Close Protection & Emergency Medicine, the course is competency based and we assess your competence throughout the course. Should you be found to be not yet competent in a weekly module you are permitted one remedial attempt on the Course.

Application & Booking

Limited Leave Periods

You are welcome to attend any number of modules provided you do them in sequence within 12 months and have settled your full course fee at the start of your first module

Application Procedure (Non-Binding)

  • Apply for the Course you are interested in
  • Fill in a quick tick box driven form
  • Tell us about your Background, Fitness and any Medical History
  • We will confirm that you are welcome to train with us
  • Whenever you are ready to accept & secure your place we offer you, you make your deposit

On Course

Failing an aspect of the Course

Should you be found to be not yet competent in a module after your single remedial, you will be invited back to complete any outstanding modular weeks on a subsequent course within 12 months. You would only pay pro rata for the weeks you need to repeat 

Postponement & Cancellation

Postponement - Outside 30 days of Course Start

To move your course dates is free, just contact us

Postponement - Within 30 days of Course Start

Should you wish to postpone your Course during this period, we may ask you for a small fee to help us offset the costs of having booked your accommodation and equipment for your course. That fee is usually €1200.


Cancelling your Course is possible but please rather consider postponing it for up to 12 months as your deposit would remain valid rather than being forfeited.

Post-Course Support

Graduate Database

As a Graduate, we provide you with:-

  • Certifications and Graduate Insignia from us
  • Dedicated graduate page on our website, so you can introduce yourself to our graduates around the world & registered employers can head hunt you off our system
  • Access to this searchable database to find local contacts in all corners of the globe, secure in the knowledge that they have the same training as you
  • Access to Employers who prefer Ronin SA graduates
  • Access to a closed email group for work opportunities circulated by fellow graduates
Job Guarantee

As an educational facility, we do not offer direct job placement nor promise jobs because we simply do not know you yet.

What we CAN say is that you will find our reputation a very positive feature on your CV in the current job market. When you combine this with your current experience and talents and add a little marketing through our contact list and network, which we supply to you on graduation, we are confident that you will be one of the 73% of graduates who find work within three months of completing your training with us successfully.

We trust that you find this helpful and look forward to expanding your talents and employability in the near future.

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