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We spend more on our Student's training than our Competitor's charge for their entire Course...

South Africa

Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority References

  • PSIRA Training Facility, Reg. Number : T 936
  • PSIRA  Service Provider , Reg. Number : 230 326

Safety and Security Sector Education & Training Authority References

  • SASSETA Assessor , Reg. Number : 19A04160409
  • SASSETA Moderator, Reg. Number : 19M14480506
  • SASSETA Verifier, Reg. Number : 19V34710612
  • SASSETA Service Provider Reg. Number : 0419 5941 2547

SA Police References

  • Registered Competency Trainers, Ref. Number : 4000009
  • Central Firearms Control Register, Institution Number : 13711

Professional Firearm Trainers Council

  • Training Provider Reg. Number : 0419 5941 2547

Health & Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority References

  • HWSETA Assessor, Reg. Number : HW592AR0500064
  • HWSETA Moderator, Reg. Number : HW592MR0500016

Health Professions Council of SA

Please note that our medical courses are not recognised by the South African Health Professions Council for registration within South Africa as they are United Kingdom accredited courses.

South African Department of Health

Ronin's Social Outreach Programme Generic Paramedics is the FIRST AMBULANCE SERVICE to be officially accredited by the South African Department of Health in South Africa - Ref Number 23/2/8/1)


Security Institute

  • Recognition of Prior Learning Partner Accreditation Number 100 949 451
  • Certificate III in Security Operations (incl Close Protection & Firearms)

United Kingdom

SFJ Awards (United Kingdom)

  • Centre Accreditation Number : 1506367

Accredited to conduct:

  • Level 3 Certificate for Working as a Close Protection Operative within the Private Security Industry

Security Industry Authority (SIA) of the United Kingdom Reference

  • Provider Number: 154286

QualSafe Awards (United Kingdom)

  • Centre Accreditation Number : 0906305

Accredited to conduct:

  • Level 3 First Response Emergency Care (RQF)
  • Level 4 First Response Emergency Care (QCF)
  • Level 5 First Response Emergency and Urgent Care (RQF)
  • (First Centre Approved for FREUC 5 Diploma)
  • Level 3 Administration of Lifesaving Medication (RQF)

Health Professions Council of UK

Please note that the First Response Emergency & Urgent Care Diploma (Level 5) is recognised throughout the United Kingdom both within NHS Ambulance Services and Private Ambulance Services.

Please also note that the Health Care Professions Council of United Kingdom (HCPC UK) does not regulate the 2nd crew member onboard Ambulances in the United Kingdom yet but we hope that this standard of care (FREUC 5) will evolve into regulation of the second crew member over time.

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