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International Recognition

Ronin SA is well known for its international recognition. This accolade is something Ronin SA has worked many years to attain within the global close protection and pre hospital care industry.

International Employment is generally based on two fundamental questions:

1. Were you trained by a longstanding and reputable organisation within the global industry?
2. Are you licensed / registered with any country or provincial regulator of the profession?

In the case of the first question, Ronin SA has been shaping the industries view of excellence via our synergy between close protection and emergency medicine for over 22 years. Ronin SA was voted in the top three training organizations globally by EP Wired Magazine (US).

With regards to the second question, any country, state or provincial registration as a close protection officer is sufficient to meet the insurance criteria on the international circuit as well as locally in that country. In the old days the UK SIA registration was sort after but it no longer has international employment relevance for non-UK nationals as only UK Nationals can hold SIA (UK) registration.

The bottom line is you need to choose a training provider with a strong international credentials and reputation who can provide the following:

  • Real globally relevant Close Protection training in an “at risk” space
  • Ambulance Level medical training
  • Advanced Driver training, including time on a Skid Pan and Racetrack
  • Dynamic Live Fire Firearms training
  • Realistic real world Close Quarter Battle training 
  • Operational Close Protection Experience in an “at risk” space

Ronin SA does this in spades……and then some.

After gaining skills relevant to the realities of close protection on the global stage with Ronin SA, you can approach your local regulator for licensing on a Recognition of Prior Learning basis and do any local top up training they may require. (See providers and partners below in various countries who could assist you)

South African Accreditations

Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority References

  • PSIRA Training Facility, Reg. Number : T 936
  • PSIRA  Service Provider , Reg. Number : 230 326

Safety and Security Sector Education & Training Authority References

  • SASSETA Assessor , Reg. Number : 19A04160409
  • SASSETA Moderator, Reg. Number : 19M14480506
  • SASSETA Verifier, Reg. Number : 19V34710612
  • SASSETA Service Provider Reg. Number : 0419 5941 2547

SA Police References

  • Registered Competency Trainers, Ref. Number : 4000009
  • Central Firearms Control Register, Institution Number : 13711

Professional Firearm Trainers Council

  • Training Provider Reg. Number : 0419 5941 2547

Health & Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority References

  • HWSETA Assessor, Reg. Number : HW592AR0500064
  • HWSETA Moderator, Reg. Number : HW592MR0500016

South African Department of Health

Ronin's Social Outreach Programme Generic Paramedics is the FIRST AMBULANCE SERVICE to be officially accredited by the South African Department of Health in South Africa - Ref Number 23/2/8/1)

International Recognition Assistance

Ronin SA's Close Protection Course is widely recognised globally and the following Organisations can assist with local Recognition / Acknowledgement of Prior learning (RPL / APL) for country specific licensing:

πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί Australia CLET Training -
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Canada Canada+ -
πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Sweden  
 Ingvar Akesson -

United Kingdom Accreditations

QualSafe Awards (United Kingdom)

  • Centre Accreditation Number : 0906305

Accredited to conduct:

  • Level 3 First Response Emergency Care (RQF)
  • Level 4 First Response Emergency Care (QCF)
  • Level 5 First Response Emergency and Urgent Care (RQF)
  • Level 3 Administration of Lifesaving Medication (RQF)

Ronin SA was the first Centre approved for FREUC 5 Diploma inside or outside the UK

Close Protection Accreditation (United Kingdom)

Ronin SA offers a dual-accredited course (UK and SA) in partnership with C2C Training (Derby, UK), a Highfield accredited Centre (Centre No 13676). This synergy provides all the necessary modules for the Level 3 Certificate for Close Protection Operatives in the Private Security Industry, which allows a UK graduate to register with the UK Security Industry Authority (SIA) as a Close Protection Officer.

Modules 1- 3 are delivered at Ronin SA, with Modules 4 - 7 and examinations completed at C2C over 4 days after your graduation. Ronin SA will PAY for all initial C2C tuition and examination fees (excluding accommodation / travel) on your behalf.

Please note that the above pathway is only available to UK citizens and UK permanent residents after graduating from the Ronin SA Course.

If you would like to understand why we stepped away from full and direct accreditation by UK Awarding Bodies in Close Protection and the SIA standard (after being the first international training provider to be accredited to provide it for the last 18 years), please  visit this link as well as this article.

Health Practice Associates Council (HPAC)

The First Response Emergency Care Certificate (FREC4) and Diploma (FREC5) form the basis for registration with the Health Practice Associates Council of the United Kingdom for those Graduates that meet their requirements upon successful completion of the Course.

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