A globally relevant skill set coupled with South African Realism

Close Protection Course

One of the most complete Close Protection Courses in the World incl. FREC 3 as well as a Team Medical Assistant Course (TMAC)
Employment versatility within the Hostile & Corporate Protection Environment ie Professional Licensing
Designed for exceptional people looking to reach their full potential to save lives in any setting
Multinational accreditation (UK, SA and Australia)

More Details

Emergency Care Courses

Mainstream pre-hospital care qualifications (United Kingdom Regulated Qualifications Framework)
Career progression to UK & US Paramedic
Gain employment within the NHS Ambulance Service
Ideal for Close Protection Officers seeking to be effective within Maritime, Aviation and/or Hostile environments

The Ronin® SA Difference

Long-standing, internationally reputable Close Protection training provider, Est. 1995

Global reputation for Excellence amongst Employers
One-stop shop for your training needs
(no hidden costs, extra modules or surprises)
Unmatched training locations
Small class sizes with individual attention

Multi-country validity for Close Protection Licensing
(United Kingdom and South Africa)

Post-course Graduate Employment Support

"We hold the view that a complete Close Protection Operator should have both tactical and professional pre-hospital medical competencies to honestly fulfil their Client's expectations.

This is based on the simple observation that a Client legitimately expects to stay alive in your presence, being protected from any threat, be it an attack, accident or personal medical emergency"

- Adv Timm Smith, CEO Ronin SA, circa 2001

Did You Know?

Ronin SA derives it’s name from the Legend of the 47 Ronin, known for their resourcefulness
and loyalty to both State and Master.

Employer Synergy

"Attalus Protection Services provide security personnel to mainly the UK market.

We are seeing a drop in the standard of Close Protection Officers which both ourselves and our clients require.

However, the reputation and professionalism of the Ronin South Africa (SA) graduates which we have employed, stands apart from those of all other training providers by a clear margin.

We would like to develop a relationship to recruit Ronin SA graduates.

Thank you for your employers login which allows us access to your database to recruit and to post jobs to your graduates directly.

It would be good to meet, please let me know when it will be convenient when you are in Sweden, so we can develop things further."  

- P Williamson (CEO Attalus Protection Services), July 2018

Graduates are introduced to Industry Employers via our shared Graduate / Employer Portal. Our long-standing reputation for excellence with these Employers fosters a fertile recruitment space and ongoing high placement ratio.

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