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We spend more on our Student's training than our Competitor's charge for their entire Course...

Ronin Operator Status

We hold the view that a complete Close Protection Operator should have both tactical and medical competencies to honestly fulfil their Client's expectations.

This is based on the simple observation that a Client legitimately expects to stay alive in your presence, being protected from any threat, be it an attack, accident or personal medical emergency. 

The below Operators fulfill such expectations 

Tier 1 Operator

Close Protection Status

Team Leader


Emergency Medical Care Status

Advanced Life Support
(State registered Paramedic / Doctor)


Adrian W, Alan Ca, Alan Co, Andrew F, Chris P, David M, Jamie H, Mel F, Mikael K, Nick N, Timm S, Tom K, Troy C

Tier 2 Operator

Close Protection Status

Independent Operator


Emergency Medical Care Status

Intermediate Life Support
(Remote Medical Technician / Enhanced Medical Technician / Ambulance Emergency Assistant)


Alex B, Carl R, Craig A, Elroy B, Daniel H, Gary B, Gerrit vZ, Greg L, Hermanus E,
Hugo vS, Jacky A, Jaco S, Jasper S, Jay K, Jonathan M, Johann S, Johannes R, 
Lee J, Luke M, Manie B, Marlon P, Matt P, Nick K, Peter J,Peter L, Riaan B, Riaan V, Richard M, Ross H, Shaughan J, Shaun H, Stuart S, Theresa B, Thomas, Eli, Thomas Els

Tier 3 Operator

Close Protection Status

Apprentice Operator


Emergency Medical Care Status

Basic Life Support with 750hrs experience
(Ambulance Technician / First Response Emergency & Urgent Care Diploma etc)


Alwyn M, Andrew F, Ante S, Arnold vL, Benjamin L, Carlo F, Christian D, Chris D, Christoph S, Christopher GS, Christopher S, Christopher T, Claire H, Craig B, David D, David M, Edward P, Egbert O, Elliot H, Freddie M, Gareth M, Garfield R, Guy vd V, Heath C, Iain F, Immo S, Jack D, Jacob H, Jacobus P, James I, James P, Jamie F, Jamie S, Jan P, Jason M, Jay H, Jean-Pierre J, Joel M, Josh G, Johan S, John R, John W, Kamil H, Loni F, Michael H, Morne A, Nathan B, Neil C, Nicholas F, Patrick J, Patrick R, Peter D, Peter F, Paul B, Paul K, Phil D, Ralph L,  Robert B, Rhye A, Robert L, Ryana J, Scott A, Sergio G, Sky H, Shane O, William S, Tawanda Z, Tristan M, Tyrel V, Marthinus S, Vacheh A, Wesley B

Close Protection Instructors

 Timm S 1995 - Present
 James I 2003 - 2006 
 Tom K 2003 - 2008 
 Alan I 2004 - 2006
 Alan C 2005 - 2010
 Gary A 2011 - 2013 

 John M

 Greg L

 Jamie H

2014 - 2017

2017 - 2019

2020 - Present

Emergency Care Instructors

 Timm S 1995 - Present
 Melina F 2005 - Present
 Luke S 2010
 Jamie H 2011 - Present


Adv. TJ Irvine - Smith would like to thank some key role players who shaped his early close protection career via their wisdom and unique lessons which they shared with him, all of which contributed to make Ronin (SA) what it is today:

  • Mrs. MWE Irvine-Smith - The Architect of Ronin's Ethics and my Mother
  • Mr. Dennis Martin of CQB Services - For recruiting me into the Profession
  • RSM. Lofty Wiseman of CQB Services - For teaching me to love Reality and not Fear it
  • Mr. Jim Thompson of CQB Services - For defining Medicine as part of Close Protection
  • Mr. Malcolm J Tombs of the PBA - For teaching me the value of Counter Surveillance
  • Mr. Bob Duggan of ESI - For teaching me the value of hard work and determination
  • Mr. Anthony Glendinning - For teaching me about love, humility and forgiveness
  • Craig Northmore of Nordic Critical Intervention Systems - For giving me the gift of saving lives as a paramedic, bringing balance and a measure of atonement to my soul
  • Colonel Freddy Van Wyk of the National Protection Services - For giving me the gift of trust and resurrecting me during my darkest hour.
  • Colonel Hein Bezuidenhout of the Presidential Protection Unit - For teaching me the value of quiet and astute leadership
  • Brigadier Duncan Scott of the Special Task Force - For being the voice of wisdom and encouragement in my many storms
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