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Creating the Quiet Professionals of Tomorrow...

Industry Employers

As a reputable Employer and / or Associate in the Industry, we would be privileged to invite you to register on our website. This will entitle you to the following privileges:-

  • Full and direct access to over 1800+ Graduates
  • The opportunity to advertise recruitment drives directly to our Graduate Pool
  • Earn commissions for placing training candidates with us
  • Receive discounted rates when placing training candidates with us

What do you have to do?
  • Sign Up below
  • Simply recommend suitable candidates by pointing them towards the Ronin Website – www.ronin.co.za 
  • Request the candidate to list your name & email address in the space provided  in their online application form
What do your candidates have to do?
  • To secure their £500 discount (and your £300 commission), all they need to do is fill in your name and email address, as the Authorised Referrer, in the space provided in their online application form
What will happen?
  • When we accept their application, we will automatically grant their £500 discount to them
  • When they make their final payment, our automated system will email you a request for an invoice for your £300 commission
  • We will pay your £300 directly into your nominated bank account worldwide
It’s that simple and we look forward to having you aboard!


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