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We spend more on each student’s training than our competitors charge for an entire course...

Funding Assistance

At Ronin SA we understand that quality education is expensive but we are prepared to subsidise certain categories of learners in return for their service in society or on compassionate grounds.

Categories Eligible for €500 Funding Assistance

Returning Graduates
 UK National / Permanent Resident SIA Supplement
State registered AEA / OECO / Paramedic / Doctor
Candidates referred by a Graduate or Authorised Employer

Civilians who can demonstrate financial need
Serving or veteran Soldier and / or Police Officer of any Country
 Please Note: unlike ELCAS, Ronin SA assists serving and veteran UK Military personnel directly by providing discounts without any strings attached. This leaves you free to use your ELCAS for something else for yourself.

Accommodation Discount

Should you choose not to use our airport transfers, accommodation or meals, you will receive a €500 (CP) /
€600 (ECC) discount off the standard Course Price

Country Promotions

From time to time Ronin SA promotes their training in certain countries by offering special rates. To find out if your Country of Residence currently has a a special running, simply apply for a Quote by visiting the relevant Course Page.

Terms & Conditions

Funding Assistance may NOT be applied for retroactively ie after you have already paid your deposit. This is because Ronin reserves the right to balance the number of discounted candidates on a particular course
Funding Assistance is NOT available on any APL / RPL programs, refresher modules or remedial modules
Multiple Funding Assistance & Discount categories MAY be combined to a maximum of EUR €1000
You will still be required to pay the standard deposit (your funding assistance or accommodation discount will be deducted off your final payment)

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